Reporteband fabric wristbandsr"s log: Visit to high-speed rail workshop

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The next generation metro in CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co. [Photo by Tang Xiaomin/]

Walking into the welding workshop, I was taken aback by huge machines and loud noise. Sharp buzzing noise echoed in the plant and sparks flew when welding guns touched the steel. It"s where the bogies of high-speed trains are welded.

Some days ago, I took the Fuxing bullet train from Beijing to Changchun, and now I was standing at a welding workshop to find out how high-speed trains were manufactured.

It was amazing!

Although I had spent four years in the city before, this was my first time to visit CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co, a State-owned train manufacturer based in Changchun, Jilin province.

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